Eurolines Bus from Copenhagen to Vienna

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Travel from Copenhagen to Vienna by bus

Copenhagen and Vienna are not really close to one another and the most popular kind of transport between these two cities is definitely flying. But alternatives to planes do exist – and one of them is the long-distance bus operated by Eurolines, the Europe-wide bus transport alliance.

Eurolines bus from Copenhagen to Vienna

Eurolines operate 5 pairs of buses each week between Copenhagen and Vienna. Generally, you need to change buses in Berlin. The waiting time in Berlin can range from as little as 90 minutes to as long as 10 hours. As a result, the whole bus trip between Copenhagen and Vienna can take from 18 to 26 hours. According to the current schedule (which of course can change), the departure times are 9pm from Copenhagen and 6:30am from Vienna. One-way ticket costs about EUR 90; various discounts apply. Up-to-date information, schedules, prices, and online ticket booking are available on the official website of Eurolines Austria.

Copenhagen Ingerslevsgade Bus Stop

In Copenhagen, the buses to Berlin and Vienna depart from the international bus stop in Ingerslevsgade (street name), very close to Copenhagen Main Train Station and Tivoli Park. Ingerslevsgade is not like the typical Eurolines bus terminal – in fact, it is only a series of bus stop signs with no terminal building. All the usual services, such as bathrooms, shops, or luggage storage, are available in the nearby Main Train Station – but there are no Eurolines counters. The office of Eurolines in Copenhagen is located at Halmtorvet, very close to both Ingerslevsgade and Main Train Station.

Vienna Erdberg Bus Station

In Vienna, Eurolines buses from Copenhagen arrive at the International Bus Station Erdberg, which unlike Ingerslevsgade is a full service bus station with Eurolines counters (in most cases you need to check in at these counters before coming to the bus when departing from Vienna). Here you can see more details about Erdberg Bus Station location and directions, about Eurolines office at Erdberg Station, and about hotels near Erdberg Station.

Bus from Copenhagen to Vienna with interchange in Prague

If you don’t want to wait in Berlin for some reason, you can travel by bus from Copenhagen to Prague, Czech Republic, and then from Prague to Vienna. Buses between Copenhagen and Prague are operated by Eurolines Czech Republic. The waiting times between buses are much lower in Prague compared to Berlin, because bus connections between Prague and Vienna (4-5 hours bus ride apart) are very frequent. The only disadvantage is that you need to book the two tickets separately (Copenhagen-Prague and Prague-Vienna), because Eurolines Czech Republic can’t sell tickets with both destinations located outside the Czech Republic.

Here you can book tickets online and see the up-to-date official information about buses between Copenhagen and Prague, and buses between Prague and Vienna: Eurolines Czech Republic official website.