Donauturm Takes Over the Lead as Austria’s Tallest Structure

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Sendeanlage Bisamberg

Sendeanlage Bisamberg, the transmission facility located in Bisamberg at the border between the city of Vienna and Lower Austria, consisted of two masts. The taller one was 265 metre high and was the tallest structure in the whole Austria. The transmitter was first built in 1933 and it was later destroyed in the World War II, but rebuilt again after.

Demolition of Sendeanlage Bisamberg

After the transmission facility became obsolete, the city of Vienna decided to demolish the structures, as their maintenance would be too costly and unjustified without them operating. Sendeanlage Bisamberg was demolished on 24 February 2010.

Vienna Donauturm is now the tallest structure in Austria

Since that day, the tallest structure in Austria has been the 252 metres high Donauturm, which stands in Wien Donaustadt only a few kilometres away from the former Sendeanlage Bisamberg. Visitors can get to the Donauturm’s observation deck, visit two rotating restaurants at the height of about 160 metres and enjoy a spectacular view of Vienna and its surroundings.