Eurolines Bus from Budapest to Vienna

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From Hungary to Vienna with Eurolines

The pan-European bus network Eurolines operates a bus service between Budapest and Györ in Hungary and Vienna. The buses also stop at Vienna International Airport.

Bus from Budapest to Vienna Duration and Timetable

Buses between Budapest and Vienna go several times every day, but only some of them stop in Györ. The travelling time from Budapest to Vienna is 3 hours, from Györ it is less than 2 hours.

Budapest to Vienna Bus Tickets and Booking

It is recommended to book tickets online in advance. One way ticket from Budapest to Vienna costs EUR 29, return ticket costs EUR 37. From Györ to Vienna the rates are EUR 16 and EUR 22. Discounts apply to people under 26 or over 60 years.

Note that schedules and prices are subject to change and I can’t guarantee accuracy of this information. Go to Eurolines website to see current timetable and prices and book bus tickets to Vienna online.

Budapest Nepliget Bus Station

In Budapest the buses to Vienna depart from Nepliget Bus Station. Here you can see more information about Budapest Bus Station.

Wien Erdberg Bus Station

The buses from Budapest arrive to Erdberg bus terminal in the eastern part of Vienna. Erdberg has an excellent public transport connection to the city centre and the metro station Erdberg (line U3) is situated across the street.

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